Through your gifts, Northbrook is able to contribute to the support of nearly thirty local and global missionaries, ministry initiatives, and international partners. This page highlights some of those missionaries and partners. Don't miss the links to videos, web sites, blogs, and newsletters!



Szabolcs serves with CRM (Church Resource Ministries) and Barnabas Csoport in Budapest Hungary. CRM empowers leaders to go to the unreached and unchurched, to bring transformation among the poor, and to mobilize the Church for mission…so that disciples are made among the nations.

Szabolcs mentors and trains church planters in evangelism, visits young people in juvenile detention centers to talk with them about God, and leads courses for pastors and youth workers.

Take a few minutes and watch this video about Barnabas Csoport (the Barnabas Group) https://vimeo.com/9733242

Read the recent news from Szabocs here


Eric & Mollie Kroner are from West Bend and now work in Chad, Africa with TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission). The Swamp Initiative seeks to establish an indigenous, culturally sensitive reproducing community of disciples in each of the main people groups in this region of Chad. In order to achieve this goal, they help with the physical and spiritual needs of the population, building friendships through community development, education, and healthcare programs. Here's a great video about the work in Chad: https://vimeo.com/98967225

Eric received his medical training at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. He has some interesting stories to tell in his blog. www.kronersinchadafrica.blogspot.com


Mariano and Fanny Pineda are originally from Argentina. After serving in youth ministry in their home country for several years, they followed God’s call to do the same in Spain. They are part of Agape, the European division of Cru. For over 12 years they worked in Madrid among High School and University students, leading and developing a ministry called EJE (Youth Encounter in the Spirit). In 2013, they moved to Galicia (NW Spain) to work at a ministry called The Pilgrim’s Fountain, a refuge built to address the physical, emotional and spiritual thirst of the Pilgrims walking the St. James Pilgrimage each year.


Read their blog: www.marianoyfannypineda.blogspot.com

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Pete grew up attending Northbrook with his family, and went to Rebusca in Brazil on two of Northbrook's short-term mission trips. He has been working with Overland Missions in Zambia since 2010, as chief engineer on the base, in charge of maintaining the warehouse, vehicles, equipment and logistics, as well as going out on expeditions. Pete and Libby were married at the end of 2015, and returned to Zambia in spring of 2016 to continue in ministry together. Libby has an outreach ministry in the nearby village schools, teaching music and Bible stories. Here's a short video that shows some of the Overland Mission work in Zambia.


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Quique and Becky have been supported by Northbrook for more than 20 years! Living in Guatemala, they train leaders in Latin America through an online Bible training course they created called ProMETA. 

ProMETA provides education at the post-graduate level in the areas of theology and leadership. It uses a decentralized model that allows leaders to continue their education without having to leave their ministries or countries. This opens up opportunities that they otherwise would not have, because many cannot afford to leave their ministry to pursue more education.

More information about Pro-META at pro-meta.org

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Walter & Marian Pimpong serve with International Needs in Ghana. Their work includes evangelism and discipleship, education and community development, protecting women and children from exploitation, and helping to train women in vocational skills.

"We are born with potential, yet we see a lot of human potential go to waste in many communities in Ghana and abroad as a result of barriers of extreme poverty, deprivation, exclusion, disease, hunger, discouragement and limited opportunities. For many years International Needs Ghana has made great strides in reaching many communities in Ghana with various developmental projects, bringing hope to many individuals and families by providing skills and empowering the most vulnerable to make the most of the little they have."



Melissa spent 2011-2015 in Slovenia working to reach college-age students with the Gospel, disciple believers, and equip student leaders. Her team’s purpose was to give direction and leadership to Vsak Študent, which is the university student ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International (CRU). The ministry goal was to raise up Slovene staff members to take over the ministry.

In August 2015 Melissa moved to Orlando, Florida to begin a new role with CRU. She is taking part in a one-year development project at CRU headquarters in Florida, and working to help meet HR and leadership development needs in the Digital Strategies department.    


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Mark and Kay Johnson serve in the western suburbs of Madrid with Team, a global alliance of churches and missionaries. They were part of a team that planted a church in Caracas, Venezuela, before moving to Madrid, Spain. There they planted a church on the east side of Madrid, before moving to their present location on the west side of Madrid, where they are starting a church in the town of Arroyomolinos, working with Spaniards and other nationalities. Mark and Kay do a difficult work, seeking to make disciples of Jesus Christ among people who are humanists and agnostics in post-modern, post-Christian Spain.


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Church Planting Ministry in Germany & Europe with

TEAM (www.teamworld.org) and the German Evangelical Free Church.

In 1985 Diet and Jan came to Germany, where they planted churches for 23 years under the umbrella of the German Evangelical Free Church. Dietrich is the Director of Church Planting since 2008, and travels within Europe to teach, preach, coach, mentor. Jan helps in practical ways whenever the Lord opens the door for her to do so. She leads worship at church, travels with Dietrich when fitting, meets with a number of women one-on-one, and translates for pastors and Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Diet and Jan were in the US in 2016 on home assignment, and have now returned to Germany.

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BrookLink serves Jesus Christ by collaborating globally with local church movements and cultivating unique friendships with international pastors, leaders, and churches. Through mutual mentoring, coaching, learning, preaching, teaching and encouragement, leaders discover their God-given calling, grow in their knowledge of Biblical truth and gain the skills to lead with courage.

Lee's recent ministry has taken him to Greece, India, Poland, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Ethiopia. 

Find out more at www.brooklink.org


Doug and Michaele Briggs work in Yunnan Province in southwestern China among many ethnic minorities including Tibetan Buddhists. They have worked in China for 20 years, since August 1995. Doug is a medical doctor, spending much of his time providing rural medical outreach. This means driving and hiking over remote roads and trails to visit people in areas where there is little or no medical help. The rest of his time is divided between working at clinics in two different cities. Michaele has begun teaching English to children who start with no knowledge of English at all, and is building relationships with the students and other staff at the school. Two of the Briggs grown children now live in the US, and the youngest is in her last year at an international academy, before going to college.


“We are driven by the hope that God might be glorified in a place where He is unknown, despite having carved these mountains, valleys, forests and the rugged, attractive people they contain!” 


Ray and Susan have been doing evangelism, discipleship, and church planting in Brussels, Belgium for more than 25 years. They are reaching out to the Belgian community, preaching and teaching in the church, raising up young leaders. Brussels is home to people from many other countries such as Morocco and Armenia, from other religions, or with no religious background at all.

Ray and Susan's ministry is mostly "house to house", and with individuals and small groups. During this time of stress and uncertainty in Europe, they can speak of the peace that only Christ can bring to the heart. 


James and Elsie Gilbert live in Brazil and work with Equip International.

"Our vision is to see poor children and their families loved, taken care of, given opportunities to live more fully. The church has been given the command, the heart, and the resources. We seek to point, encourage and guide fellow Christians to care for, protect, provide for the weak ones.

We produce materials for those that work with poor children and their families. This includes a magazine, blog, World Wide Day of prayer for Vulnerable Children, working alongside Rebusca here in Brazil, teaching, and presentations at conferences. We also maintain a database for the Maos Dadas Network, which includes 1500 ministries here in Brazil that work with children." 

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Pat and Faith Hansen spent 24 years planting Christian congregations in Japan. Today, Pat manages the Equipping Team in the mobilization department of OMF International’s Southern U.S. Region.

Pat and Faith talk with passionate, motivated followers of Jesus about how they can have a part in taking the message of Christ’s salvation to people in East Asia. They have a depth of knowledge and insight to share from their years of experience in Japan. When people ask them, “So, what are my next steps to get there?”, the Hansens work to help them assess if OMF is the organization for them, and together explore the opportunities. These couples, families, and singles have varying levels of the necessary training and experience. The Hansens’ role is to help equip them and get them to the fields of East Asia!  

Click here to see a video about the work of OMF in East Asia.


BASICS was founded to mobilize, collaborate and network with faith-based ministries in all segments of society, and to meet the personal, spiritual, physical and economic needs of people in Milwaukee and surrounding communities. BASICS seeks to strengthen the Christian community in Milwaukee by demonstrating the love of Christ to those who are poor and in need of help. Northbrook supports Arn Quakkelaar and Roger Dynes who serve with BASICS.

You can find BASICS online at basicsinmke.org


    Roger provides mentoring and Bible teaching throughout the Milwaukee area. A former teacher, his ministries include preaching, mentoring men in Milwaukee, working with local pastors, pastoral visitation to prisons, and Bible studies with adults in prison.


    Arn Quakkelaar founded BASICS in 1996 to connect inner-city needs to suburban resources. Through many ministry avenues, God has enabled many churches to minister more effectively. Arn's wife Norma also serves with BASICS, providing coaching, mentoring, and encouragement for urban women in leadership positions.