Parent Resource:  

Overview of what kids are learning in the month of May

nbKids is offered during all worship gatherings. We take every opportunity to influence each child by demonstrating the love of God. 

* Age-appropriate methods of teaching are incorporated at every level. Special events and celebrations are planned throughout the year. 

* A security system is in place so that you know your child is being cared for in a safe environment. 

* All nbKids volunteers have been cleared through an application process that includes background checks and training.

Find parent resources on the nbKids facebook page here! 


The Northbrook Church campus is closed; we are holding online gatherings only.

We post the Orange curriculum here each week, and also on the nbKids facebook page, so kids can view the videos they would normally see when they are in nbKids at church. 


Parent-Child Dedication

Northbrook Church is committed to helping parents raise their children in the training and instruction of the Lord.

Parent - Child Dedication is a way for parents of younger children to declare their own commitment to raise their child in a home where God is at the center.  During a weekend gathering, parents stand in front of the congregation, confess their faith in Jesus Christ, commit to raise their children to love the Lord, and receive a prayer of blessing from the pastor.

The next Parent–Child Dedication date is to be determined

Contact Mickey Zagorski Here for information